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new Soundtrack


These walls, what they hide behind 'em.
Ever felt like wanting to belong to something that isn’t your current?
Ever thought of jumping over a wall that shuts down what’s left behind that wall?

These Walls (Immersive), Track One

Artist Showcase

Legendary Young, an identity that stuck on a Helsinki Creator emerging into a standout individual moving & shaking the connected music & entertainment scene in the midst of the 2010s.

As a performer, the Finnish-Congolese born Elikia Peti-Peti made himself into a very successful personality from creating ambitious initiatives & a dashing, decade long DJ career centering in black music.


Having reached dream-like positioning in an undeniably fast pace with strong constant guidance from above, in 2018 he downscaled nearly all desirable possessions and followed along to Los Angeles.

During this time off many realizations were made, including the reawakened passion for film music & musical storytelling.


This project is the initiation of obtaining that lifelong dream.


The Music

Music by Legendary Young is sonically versatile, –serving as an engaging audible experience– inspired to take you inside different worlds & journeys. Try closing your eyes and imagining.

Where will you be taken?



The Process

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PetiPeti Profile Memory crop.jpeg

The Come up 

The Young, pre-Legendary Elikia Peti-Peti got his start in creation from animating popular stop-motion films to YouTube in its early days whilst only being 9 years old. Being born into a musical family harnessing creative gifts into skills was considered an investment in the future.

Peti-Peti started with Cello (5 years old), Flute (grades 3-6) and E. Bass (2007-2015) as primary instruments of choice.

Throughout schooling years, he attended special music programs, studied music theory and played in 2 orchestra ensembles plus 2 rock bands. In 2013 finished with comprehensive school he got selected among 4 others to study Music Technology in Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory.

Having started DJing exceptionally young in addition him already actively touring with artists fully booked, in 2016 he went onto founding a music & live experiences company, named no other than Legendary Young.



Interested in bringing Legendary Young on composing/sound designing your next story? Let's vision together.
reach@legendary-young.com /
+358 45 8000 150 (EU) /
+1 347 323 1 345 (US)

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